Exploring The Benefits of Natural Extracts

Welcome to Inbi Nusantara Sejahtera, We are producing Food and Beverage, Cosmetic and Skincare materials in the form of Liquid extracts, Powders and Essential Oils with Integrated Food Safety-Quality Management System concept that has been guaranteed by Halal Indonesia certificates, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000


INBI is a company engaged in the production of natural materials for food, beverages, an extract of medicines, and cosmetics in the form of liquid, powder, and oil since 2016.

Our company is located in Bunutin Village, Bangli, Bali. We continue to develop by creating several products with better quality and with the best service as evidenced by the marketing distribution collaboration since 2019 Inbi Nusantara Sejahtera has reached areas throughout Indonesia


Why Choose Us?

We are very commit to produce raw materials for fruit and vegetable concentrates and essential oils in accordance with Halal Policy.


Best Quality

We develop and produce high quality concentrate of fruit and vegetables, ingredients of pharmacy and essential oil with a focus on Cosmetic, Food & Beverage companies


Professional Manufacturing Company

We are a professional manufacturing company that produces concentrate of fruits and vegetables and also essential oil. Our production, Quality Control and R&D department consist of experienced team. Our Employees are well trained in GMP and HACCP practices.



Besides being a professional company, we are also very innovative. Through our innovative and experimental breakthroughs, the products we make have unique characteristics.

What We Offer?

Empower your enterprise with our product.We have a wide range of quality products and, of course! will help your business get maximum results


Liquid Extract

INBI has semi-finished products as raw materials for food and beverage products. We provide various kinds of natural extracts from natural fruit and vegetable ingredients that comply with standards & high quality and are ready to meet your needs.

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Powder Extract

We provide various kinds of cosmetic and skin care raw materials made from natural ingredients in liquid, powder and oil which can be used as additional raw materials in your cosmetic and skin care products.

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Natural oils extracted from part of plants by various methods, having characteristic of high volatility with unique smell.

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